Index levels


Index levels represent the level of an index.


Index levelsIndexLevelIndex datan/a1d, 1d-ny-close, 1d-sg-close, 1h, 15s


A sample of the daily levels for the CMBI10 is shown below:

sample index levels data

Resource history

CMBI Single Asset Series

CMBI Multi Asset Series

CMBI Mining Series


Community and pro index availability does not differ. Community is available via HTTP API only, is limited to 1,000 API requests per 10 minutes per IP address and only showcases the last 24 hours of history for the 1 hour, 1 min and 15 second rates.


IndexDescriptionStart Date
CMBI10CMBI 102017-01-03
CMBI10ECMBI Even2017-01-03
CMBI10EXCMBI 10 Excluding Bitcoin2017-01-03
CMBIBECMBI Bitcoin and Ethereum2015-08-08
CMBIBTCCMBI Bitcoin2010-07-18
CMBIBTCTCMBI Bitcoin - Total Returns2010-07-18
CMBIETHCMBI Ethereum2015-08-08
CMBIETHTCMBI Ethereum - Total Returns2015-08-08
CMBIHASHCMBI Hashrate2015-01-01
CMBIWORKCMBI Observed Work2015-01-02