Coin Metrics API


Coin Metrics API provides access to historical and real-time network and market data.

Getting access to the API

Paid tier (Pro API)

You need an API key to access most of the data. Please contact us if you want access.

Free tier (Community API)

You don't need an API key to access free data. Simply run API queries without API key against endpoint.

Choosing API Version

Coin Metrics runs multiple versions of the API simultaneously, for the purpose of backwards compatibility with existing client code using the API.

We recommend to start with the latest stable version. If you are already using some previous stable version, you can continue using it. See Versioning policy for details.

Stable versions

These versions are recommended to use in production.

VersionReference Documentation
Latest stable
API v2 Reference Docs
v1 API v1 Reference Docs

Development versions

These versions may include newer features, but provide no guarantees for uptime or interface stability. Do not use in production.

VersionReference Documentation
API v4 Reference Docs
API v3 Reference Docs


API Tiers