Coin Metrics publishes a collection of prices for a set of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies consisting of the Coin Metrics Reference Rates ("CM Reference Rates") and the Coin Metrics Principal Market Prices ("CM Principal Market Prices"), which are collectively referred to as the Coin Metrics Prices ("CM Prices").

Coin Metrics Prices Policies

The CM Prices are collectively governed by policies described in Coin Metrics Prices Policies which describes the administration, oversight, conflicts of interest, material changes, recalculations, internal controls, complaints, record retention, and compliance policies.

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Coin Metrics Prices Methodology

The CM Prices are collectively governed by rules-based methodologies described in Coin Metrics Prices Methodology which describes our Market Selection Framework, a systematic method of producing a unique set of constituent markets for each asset, our data sources, calculation algorithm, and contingency rules.

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