Shielded Supply


Shielded Supply


The sum of all native units being held in shielded pool(s).


Shielded Supply


Native units

All time


  • This metric takes into account all shielded pools that an asset may have.

  • Shielded pools are where private transfers can happen in ZEC-like assets. Blockchain observers can only see coins coming in or out of the pool, but have no details about the transfers happening inside the pool.


Source: CM Network Data Charts

Asset-Specific Details

  • Only relevant for ZEC and its derivatives.

Release History

  • Released in the 4.2 release of NDP

See Also

Availability for Assets

API Endpoints

Shielded supply metrics can be accessed using these endpoints:

  • timeseries/asset-metrics

and by passing in the metric ID's SplyShld in the metrics parameter.

curl --compressed "<your_key>"

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