Mining Pool Monitor Overview


The Mining Pool Monitor tracks the blocks that miners are working on in real-time across major protocols. It provides critical intelligence on the performance and operations of major mining pools.

Critically, this endpoint enables the prediction of blockchain reorganization events (reorgs) and can be used to determine which fork of the chain is likely to succeed in the event of multiple blocks at the same height.

Asset Availability & Mining Pool Coverage

Bitcoin (BTC)

Coverage of about 73% of the Bitcoin Hashrate (1Q21)

  • Slush

    • EU

    • US-East

    • Canada

    • Singapore

    • Japan

    • Russia

  • Poolin

    • China Beijing

    • China Chengdu

    • US Virginia

    • Germany Frankfurt

  • F2 Pool

    • Europe

    • US

    • China

    • Hong Kong

    • Singapore


    • Europe

    • US

  • Antpool

  • ViaBTC

  • NovaBlock

  • Binance Pool

  • OKPool

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