Formula Builder

Formula Builder Overview

The formula builder allows you to transform the available Coin Metrics' data series. For example, you can create your own ratios, add together USDT metrics, slice or splice time series, even customize the line colors and many more things.

The formula builder editor and information can be found via the right toolbar by clicking on the "formula button".

If you are unfamiliar with the formula builder and syntax, the "Information" tab is a good place to start.

Formula Editor

The formula editor is under the "Formula" tab. An example of a very simple formula is shown below.


Specific syntax and syntax examples can be found on the "Syntax" tab. You can search for the specific "formula" in the "Search..." window or scroll through the list of available formulas. Once a formula is selected, further information on that formula (including the "syntax" and often an example) will be available in the lower window.

Chart/Formula Example

A great example of a Formula Builder Chart is this BTC Market Cap Dominance chart. This chart can be built easily in our Formula Builder.

If you click into the Formula Editor on the right side of the charts, you can see the syntax used to create a combined time-series of Market Cap across all of the assets supported in our universe.

This just scratches the surface, as there are many other ways you can use this tool to transform our time-series. Here are a few more examples:

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