New Addr Cnt


The sum count of all unique addresses that were newly created that interval.


New Addresses
1 day


  • Addresses are the user-identifiers in a ledger change.
  • New addresses are addresses identified in the blockchain that did not exist prior to the observation period (e.g. 1 day).
  • Depending upon how a blockchain stores address information, new addresses might not be funded with any tokens. In other words, they have a balance of zero.
  • As such, a caveat of this metric is that it can be inflated by activity that is not economicallt relevant.
  • For new addresses that are funded and are economically relevant, please refer to New Funded Adrr Cnt (AdrNewBalCnt).


New Addr Cnt showcases all new addresses observed in the network over the previous day, and New Funded Addr Cnt is a subset of New Addr Cnt that only counts addresses with a balance greater than 0.
Source: CM Network Data Charts

Asset-Specific Details

This metric is not available for assets that have full privacy, like Monero and Grin. For assets that have opt-in privacy features, like ZCash, it only takes the non-private activities into account.


Consider the following example:
  • Both Addreses A and Address B are seen on the ledger for the first time.
  • Address A was referred by a smart contract application, perhaps as user identifier, but it was not funded or otherwise engaged by the smart contract. Its balance is zero.
  • During that same interval, Address B received funds from an exhange for the first time. Its balance is 0.002.
If the above was the only activity observed in the network during that interval, AdrNewCnt would showcase a value of 2. This value aggregates activity that is economically relevant (Address B) as well as non monetary (Address A).

Release History

  • Release Version: 5.0 (August, 2021)


Like Active Addresses, New Addresses is a popular measure to proxy the number of new users on a blockchain. However, in blockchains where address creation is cheap, or free, new addresses can still be trivially forged.

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