Xfer'd Val, Adj (native units)


The sum of native units transferred that interval removing noise and certain artifacts. Also known as Adjusted Transfer Value (native units).
Xfer'd Val, Adj (native units)
Transfer value
Native units
1 day


  • For UTXO chains, the heuristics used are:
    • Early spend: outputs spent one hour or less after being created are not counted
    • Round numbers: if one output has much more precision than the other outputs in the same transaction, it’s not counted. For example, if a transaction creates 2 outputs, one of 1.00000000 BTC and one of 0.2561278 BTC, the second one would not be counted.
    • Self churn: outputs that have the same address as any of the inputs addresses are discounted
    • Also removed are cold wallet shuffles (when an exchange changes their cold wallet addresses) and other artifacts such as noise generated by early Bitcoin applications like Satoshi Dice
  • For account chains, this metric is computed as the sum number of native units received by accounts, whose net balance did change in that hour.

Asset-Specific Details

  • For assets that have opt-in privacy features, like ZCash, it only takes the non-private activity.


  • If in the same hour:
    • ** Account A sends 50 units to B
    • ** Account C sends 50 units to A
    • ** Account B sends 50 units to E
    • ** Account D sends 49 units to B
  • Then:
    • ** Account A has a net balance change of 0, received 50
    • ** Account B has a net balance change of -1, received 99
    • ** Account C has a net balance change of -50, received 0
    • ** Account D has a net balance change of -49, received 0
    • ** Account E has a net balance change of +50, received 50
  • *** Unadjusted volume is 199
  • *** Adjusted volume is 149 (B: 99, E: 50)

Release History

  • Released in the 1.0 release of NDP

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