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Subscribe to our Status Page for updates on our services, infrastructure, data quality and historical data changes.

Subscribe to our Status Page

We understand that a reliable data-feed with maximum uptime is critical to our customers. To monitor our data pipelines, we run numerous automated bots across all of our data production systems to ensure continuous production and alerting when unexpected delays/issues arise.
When issues are detected, we alert our clients immediately through our Status Page and work to resolve the issue as expediently as possible. We provide updates as they are available, and notify clients as soon as we’ve implemented a resolution. In addition to notifications for ongoing incidents, we also publish our change-log for historical recalculations and data cleanses.
We highly recommend that our customers subscribe to our Status Page for the operational statuses of anything that impacts the usage of our products:
  • Services
    • API: REST and WebSocket API covering all products.
    • Website: Covers the Coin Metrics website including main page and
  • Infrastructure
    • Data Ingestion: Infrastructure used to ingest data such as blockchain nodes and exchange scrapers.
    • Data Processing: Infrastructure used to store, structure, process, aggregate and calculate data to derive product metrics.
  • Data Quality
    • Reference Rates: Data quality issues regarding the CM Hourly Reference Rates and CM Real-Time Reference Rates.
    • Market Data Feed: Data quality issues regarding the Market Data Feed.
    • Coin Metrics Bletchley Indexes (CMBI): Data quality issues regarding the Coin Metrics Bletchley Indexes (CMBI).
  • Data Change Notifications
    • Network Data: Changes regarding data in our on-chain data products, including Network Data Pro, ATLAS and FARUM.
    • Market Data: Changes regarding data in Market Data Feed.
    • Reference Rates: Changes regarding Reference Rates data.
    • Coin Metrics Bletchley Indexes (CMBI): Data changes regarding the Coin Metrics Bletchley Indexes (CMBI).

Subscriber Feeds

To subscribe to our Status Page, please go here. We push our updates through a variety of channels that you can manage to your preference:
If you’re a member of our Pro Community Slack workspace, you can also join our public channel #status for these updates. If you’re a Pro member and would like to join, please reach out to [email protected].
Our Status Page displays any ongoing and recently resolved incidents under the subcategories listed above. If there are no issues, there is a check-mark in the “Operational” column.
However, if there is an ongoing or recently resolved issue, there won’t be a check mark. Ongoing issues are written in red text and recently resolved issues are written in black text.
You can click into each issue for additional information on the time it was reported, the affected products and all historical updates to that particular issue. At the bottom of the Status Page, you can also see a stream of our incident resolution history.
If you have any questions about our Status Page, please feel free to reach out through our Support Center.