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WatchTower API Fields
The following alerting fields are currently provided via the Network Alerts API endpoint:
"data" : [ {
"asset" : "the ticker of the asset monitored",
"time" : "the time the alert was issued",
"alert" : "the Alert ID",
"block_height": "Optional: Returns the block height at which the alert tirggered, if the alert is calculated on a block by block basis. Otherwise this field is omitted from the response.",
"status" : "whether the alerting condition is still in place (active), or no longer observed (inactive)",
"value" : "the value of the alerting metric",
"threshold" : "the alerting threshold for the metric"
} ]
"heartbeats": [
"asset": "the ticker of the asset monitored",
"time": "the last time the corresponding alert was calculated",
"alert": "the Alert ID"
} ]
For all alerts, heartbeats are calculated each time the underlying data is updated. In most cases this is each time a new block is generated. However, for some alerts this might be on a different frequency as well. For example, for the BTC alert mining_pool_conflict_2b_hi the alert is calculated every time there is an update in the mining-pool-tips-summary endpoint.